Why I Love Turquoise

I am so excited to bring you one of my favorites, Sleeping Beauty Turquoise, next weekend live from the Tucson Gems Show. Here are a few of the reasons why Turquoise is one of my favorite stones:

  • Dreamy hues that work with every color – it comes in a variety of colors but the most prominent are the greenish blue and the bluish green.
  • Artisan’s dream gem – I love the fact that it gives us artists so much to work with in terms of design / creativity
  • A true gem so rich in cultural history from all over the world. Turquoise has been sacred in many cultures –  The Chinese, Persians, Aztecs, Incas and many other cultures considered turquoise sacred.   It symbolizes power, healing, immortality and good fortune.
  • One of the oldest gemstones – mining activity dating back to 3200 BC in Egypt. King Tut’s death mask is studded with turquoise along with Lapis.  Tibetans used turquoise to make prayer beads and lined musical instruments with turquoise.   It’s a gemstone treasured by kings and queens, spiritual leaders, warriors, gem collectors to casual fashionistas of all ages for 5000 years or more.   A true timeless classic.
  • Turquoise jewelry is so perfect for day time – wear it casually with almost anything in your wardrobe, perhaps layered with chunky and bold jewelry in silver. It can easily be worn with dainty, or bold, luxurious gold surrounding it for a luxurious, global chic type of look.
  • Turquoise jewelry is perfect for night time – Even the tiara once worn by the wife of Napoleon is now studded with gorgeous, matrix free, gleaming, azure blue colored turquoise surrounded by hundreds of carats of near flawless diamonds. It can certainly be dressed up to rival any gem in the world in terms of its sheer beauty.
  • Even though turquoise was originally mined in many regions of the world, it has been quickly adopted as “America’s favorite” opaque gem. In fact, the Sleeping Beauty turquoise has been one of the most coveted gemstones by jewelry designers world-wide.


I love working with turquoise and am working Furiously to bring you one of the most spectacular collections of the Sleeping Beauty turquoise next weekend during the Tucson Gems Show!  Stay Tuned!!!

I will be writing a separate blog about caring for your turquoise jewelry !