March Birthstone: Top 5 Reasons I Love Aquamarine

-Aquamarine comes from the Latin word for Sea Water. As its name suggests, the color of this stunning gem varies from blue, to bluish green, to greenish blue. Regardless of what variety, Aquamarine reminds me of a beautiful body of water. As many of you know, I grew up by the ocean, so this gemstone feels like “home” to me. -It is fit for a queen! Yes, that’s right! Queen Elizabeth was given a stunning collection of Aquamarine jewelry by the people of Brazil. She loved it so much she had a tiara made with Brazilian Aquamarines and diamonds. She still wears it.-Aquamarine is a “pleochroic” material, meaning that it will display multiple colors depending on the direction of the rays. Most aquamarine changes from near colorless, to greenish blue, to blue, depending on the lighting. I love the subtle changes.

-Aquamarine always seems to make any outfit look crisp, clean, and fresh. It also is one of the few gemstones that looks great with any metal color. For example, Aquamarine set in White Gold makes it look more traditional. When Aquamarine is set in Yellow Gold, the subtle contrast between the crisp blue and the rich yellow makes it look magical and regal. When set in Rose, the Aquamarine looks soft, modern, and delicate.

-Aquamarine has so many different varieties, which range in price from affordable to astronomical! I personally appreciate every single variety of Aquamarine, however I do confess that I have a favorite! My favorite Aquamarine is the Santa Maria. I haven’t had the pleasure of working with Santa Maria Aquamarine for some time now, but I am most definitely on the hunt… so stay tuned! 

What is your favorite thing about Aquamarine? Which metal color do you like best with it? I’d love to hear about it in the comments below. I will be commenting back on this article for the next few days!