Mother of the Bride (Wedding Highlight Video)

I honestly can’t believe that my daughter’s wedding took place nearly 7 months ago already. I have been so busy designing lately that I am finally getting around to writing a blog about this amazing experience. It’s my hope to share with you my feelings about being mother of the bride, welcoming an incredible son-in-law into our family, and also invite you to share with me your own experiences! I could (and will eventually) write many more blogs about the steps leading up to this special day (wedding dress shopping, planning, picking out table settings, etc.)… but for now let’s just focus on the day itself.

On October 8th 2017, we woke up to a truly glorious, picture perfect day in Montecito, CA. There was not a cloud in the sky, with gentle breezes from the Pacific Ocean…just enough to intensify amazing scents from the abundant and fragrant flowers all around us. As I was going over the final details of the upcoming wedding in just a few short hours, it really hit me that my precious baby girl is about to tie the knot and start her own beautiful family. I kept reminding myself that I am truly blessed because even after this day, not only will be daughter still be with me forever, but I will also have Tom joining our family. But…I am a mom and I worry a lot, especially about my family.

A sneak peek of the aisle before any of the guests arrived!

I wondered … how will they will face life’s difficulties as they pop up at the most inconvenient times? What will they do? I’m used to protecting her from everything I possibly can. I went through a couple of moments of panic. Thankfully, my family got to spend a couple of years getting to know Tom (the groom) before they got engaged. I realized that Tom was that perfect life partner for her. I also realized that my husband and I raised her to the best of our abilities and that she is probably well prepared for anything that life has to offer.

Over the course of the morning, we helped each other get ready. Those were such precious moments and we both cherished every second of it. Even though there was a lot going on in our “preparation” room with bridesmaids, make up artists, wedding coordinators, photographers, Rachel and I took time to reminisce about some of her favorite childhood memories, silly vacations, funny moments and her dreams of becoming an amazing wife, daughter, mother and … an accomplished jewelry designer of her own. We are and always have been so incredibly close. She’s literally my best girlfriend and biggest inspiration of mine. I was and still am so proud of her.

Helping her put on the pink diamond necklace that Tom and I “Co-Designed” for her.

As I stated earlier, her entire bridal party was in the room getting ready with us and WOW… I was so impressed with these amazing young women, each of whom has a special connection to Rachel. All of us were excited, happy and delighted to be a part of this magical day.

OK. When Rachel came out of the dressing room with her wedding dress on, it took my breath away. In fact, the entire room went into a stunned silence. She looked so stunning, gorgeous, glowing and it seemed like she was literally “floating” around the room. I thank God that we hired some great photographers and they did a wonderful job of capturing these magical moments!

One of her bridesmaids zipping her into her dress.

Time just flew by and the entire day went by so fast. The time for the wedding ceremony came quickly. Guests started arriving, some from as far as Norway and others from near by. It felt so good to be surrounded by so many loving people who have been with our family throughout our lives. There were many tears of joy among our guests.

Rachel with her bridesmaids.

Ever since Rachel was born, I dreamt of her finding her “prince” and getting married in a beautiful setting with fresh blossoms all around. Our pastor officiated their wedding with very thoughtful words and concluded the ceremony with him announcing them as husband and wife.
The ceremony was elegant and serene but the reception that followed was filled with laughter and fun. All of the speakers stepped up big time and made us all laugh and cry. We had delicious food, fantastic music, great conversations and a lot of dancing.

Rachel and Tom shortly after the ceremony.

I am happy to report that Rachel and her husband, Tom are “living the dream”. Rachel is following in my footsteps as a jewelry designer, and Tom works in Commercial Real Estate. They chose to live very close to us…about 2 miles down the road actually! We see them almost every day and I can honestly say that I have never seen her happier. I absolutely loved my experience being mother of the bride, but love even more being a mother and a mother-in-law to such an amazing, loving, young couple.

Please enjoy the highlight film of their magical day.