Morganite: Blushing & Beautiful Pink Gemstones

MORGANITE 30.3.15 Victoria Wieck

Morganite, a very rare pink form of beryl, is as fresh as a spring rain and it is the perfect alternative exotic gem for an engagement ring. Like a lovely woman, or a newly opened flower, this stone is a mixture of strength and delicate beauty. While I was at the Tucson show, I was able to find morganite that just inspired me to come home and think about all the reasons I love to work with this gemstone and incorporate it into my designs.

I personally love morganite because it’s relatively hard and durable and not every beautiful gem can endure a lifetime of every day wear and tear. Very few stones can compete with a diamond when it comes to surviving the busy life of the average woman today. Morganite can, and it does it beautifully.

I love the fact that it comes from an elegant family, which includes emeralds. Also, it’s considered an exotic gemstone along with it’s famous cousins, aquamarine and yellow beryl. Interestingly, morganite is the source of Beryllium (Be) one of the world’s most important industrial elements which is essential for the production of everything from X-rays to satellites. Without Beryllium, space exploration would be very different today.

I also love the fact that Morganite comes in soft flesh tones, pinks and peach. These blush hued gemstones often have an underlying hint of reddish-pink sparkle and they enhance every skin tone. This is especially true when morganite is used in earrings.

My personal favorite right now is to combine rose gold with morganite. This combination results in an unusually rich depth of color. The rose gold takes on a velvety sheen from the way the light plays off the morganite. In turn, the morganite becomes mesmerizing.

These pieces of jewelry look amazing on and putting on morganite in the morning is almost as good as a cup of coffee for perking up your mood and getting you ready to start your day!