Tucson Bound

As I’m getting ready to leave for the Tucson Gem show, I thought I should write a few words to share with you my true feelings about my visits to the Tucson Gem and Minerals Show. Well, it’s my favorite show! This is saying a lot since I absolutely hate to choose a favorite in anything because I believe in always keeping my options open. But, like I said…this is my favorite! Let me share with you why I love this show so much.

Tucson Gem Show 

Well, if you’ve never been to the city of Tucson, I highly encourage you to check it out. You will be awestruck by its natural beauty. There is such tranquility and serenity that it takes me to an inspiring place emotionally. Each year, I count my blessings that I get to attend this amazing show.


Beautiful, fiery Tucson sunset!

The show itself is unlike any other in the jewelry industry. The first thing that really impressed me is that this show is really all about the gemstones that mother nature created for us in her own garden.  Some of these gems took millions of years to form! What’s interesting is that this show is spread out literally all over Tucson, and many of the best “finds” may be found at a “tent” on a dirt road…yes, I said a tent!  So, I spend quite a bit of time visiting as many tents as possible.  It’s an experience, that’s for sure…a good experience though. All of us designers are forever in search of the “new finds” or just better quality of the gemstones we already know and love.  Luckily for me, I have great friends and colleagues that save their new “finds” for me to examine before they put them out for sale.

Peach Morganite… Photo Courtesy of GIA

This year, I hope to find some premium quality exotics…especially peach morganite, aquamarine, sunstone, moonstone, opal, and alexandrite as well as some semi precious with interesting cuts and colors.  Stay tuned.  I will be posting periodically from Tucson during the show.