Dragonfly: The Symbol for Summer

As we head into summer, I wanted to touch on one of my favorite symbols, the dragonfly. I use the dragonfly throughout my jewelry because the dragonfly is more than just a beautiful creature; she embodies the strength of the female spirit.

In Asia, the dragonfly is associated with rebirth and summer! The Chinese character for dragonfly includes the character “wind” at its center and the wind is thought to bring about the birth of new life. From this come the Asian associations of prosperity and good luck embodied by the dragonfly.

Dragonfly: Self-realization and Calm

The association with rebirth is linked to the most prevalent meaning associated with the dragonfly, self-realization. The dragonfly is a poised and dignified creature who calmly hovers over the world. She is graceful and the queen of the insects. Her power goes far past just being beautiful and agile; the dragonfly has a presence about her.

Dragonfly: Rare Beauty

The dragonfly is also a symbol of beauty. The iridescence of her wings as well as her uniquely slender body are exceptional. Symbolically, iridescence is associated with helping one see past false illusions about oneself and others. This is true beauty. I love to use a variety of gems in my dragonfly pieces to convey both the beauty and the meaning of iridescence in my pieces. They capture the light and the joy of life.

Art Nouveau and the Dragonfly

I also love the Dragonfly because it was one of the favorite jewelry motifs of the Art Nouveau movement. This is one of the most feminine and beautiful periods of jewelry design and expression throughout history. At the time, these designs were radical, bold and deliciously fresh. Art Nouveau jewelers such as Boucheron and Fouquet truly changed jewelry making forever and it is wonderful to use one of their favorite motifs in my own designs today.

I love the thought of being able to offer my customers pieces of jewelry that are more than simply pretty. The dragonfly in all her glory lets me do this in so many exciting and beautiful ways. I hope the next time you wear your Victoria Wieck dragonfly you will think of all the little meanings tucked within this magnificent little piece!