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How to Clean Your Jewelry

Top 7 Jewelry Cleaning Tips


  • Clean one piece at a time – gemstones and diamonds have different hardness and density. Cleaning more than one piece at a time may cause accidental scratching.
  • Avoid harsh chemicals – many store bought jewelry cleaners contain harsh chemicals. Often, gemstones and metals go through a variety of treatments (heat, coloration, coating.. ++).   Harsh chemicals may cause accidental spotting and bleaching.  Additionally, harsh chemicals should never be around children, pets or even adults, even in small doses.
  • Avoid ultrasonic cleaners for pearls, turquoise, coral, beads, antiques and vintage jewelry.
  • Do not clean jewelry directly over sink – you risk losing jewelry down the drain. You may want to line it with a thin towel.
  • For extra sparkle, squeeze one fresh lemon into 16 oz of cool water and rinse. This step can be done at the end of your regular cleaning routine.
  • My favorite way to clean jewelry is to use a little bit of dish washing detergent (Dawn, or any organic, natural ..) using a clean make up brush. It’s much softer than a toothbrush and allows you to reach even the smallest, and hard to get to.
  • Make sure that jewelry is the very last thing you put on. After hair spray or perfume.   Most hair care products or perfume contain some sort of oils, alcohol or other agents that can reduce brilliance and luster of your jewelry and it may even damage jewelry over time.